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If you would like to connect and discuss your unique conflict challenges with other like-minded business owners/entrepreneurs in a safe and non-judgmental virtual Mastermind group moderated by Andrea (in Google Hangout/Skype), please consider joining this group. Members are paired with participants in different fields to avoid conflicts of interest. Alternatively, Andrea can help moderate your own private Mastermind Group of your own choosing.


  1. Join a Conflict Resolution Mastermind Group
  2. Start a Conflict Resolution Mastermind Group (2-4 individuals) with a group that you select


  • Bi-weekly, the group (minimum 2, maximum of 4) meets for 1 hour (2 hours a month) to discuss their business’ greatest conflict challenges via a private Google hangout, Skype tele-conference, or phone call (whichever you are most comfortable with).
  • Armed with the new conflict resolution skills you have learned, and leveraging the multiple minds in the room, the group can help create more solutions and reinforce positive behaviors within a supportive setting.
  • The effects can neutralize the stigma of conflict, boost confidence, reduce stress, and instantly create actionable solutions to create greater value professionally and personally.
  • Andrea moderates the session to keep the discussion focused on constructive solutions and feedback, accountability, and to help guide participants through best practices.


  • Business
  • Academia
  • Creative Professionals
  • Mediators (consulting)
  • Individuals



  • Successfully reached agreements/settlements on cases involving up to $3 million
  • 90% agreement/settlement rate*
  • 96% client approval rate*; 30 total individual mediation sessions*
  • Over 100 individual clients have been helped one-on-one from intake to mediation*
  • * (on personally handled cases post-NU Law and approx. as of 12/3/13)


  • I have had the privilege of helping people from all walks of life: from a consumer wanting a $5 refund for a pair of defective shoes to a complex, multi-party, international intellectual property business partnership dispute involving $3 million dollars
  • Sample client examples include: multi-million dollar tech start-up, executive director of preeminent legal non-profit
  • Educated institutions such as Caltech about the benefits of mediation which has inspired interest in introducing and implementing these techniques which is a first for the world’s top university (see http://www.caltech.edu/content/caltech-named-worlds-top-university-new-times-higher-education-global-ranking)
  • Extensive CV/Resume available at LinkedIn at  www.linkedin.com/pub/andrea-sierra-martin/75/91/9a3/
  • Combined history of mediation and intake experience include:
    • Complex business
    • Start-up
    • Small/Medium business
    • Business Partnership Dissolution
    • Contracts
    • Consumer/Merchant
    • Intellectual Property
    • Employment
    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Small Claims
    • Multi-Party Matters
    • Real Property
    • Landlord/Tenant
    • Neighbor/Neighbor
    • Tort
    • Fraud
    • Fee Disputes
    • Elder and Domestic Violence
    • LGBT matters
    • Homeowner’s Associations
    • Interpersonal/Family
NOTE: While I have mediation experience with court-approved divorce/visitation arrangement matters, I do not mediate divorce cases where the couple is in disagreement regarding child custody. Pursuant to the California Family Code, the parties are required to resolve the dispute through mediation provided by the court. Family Court mediators in California are required to have a license in counseling or social work. If you need referrals to reputable mediators in the greater Los Angeles area, I can help connect you with a licensed Family Court mediator.



  • Compared to the costs of going to trial, or attorneys fees, mediation can be very cost effective. For instance, in Los Angeles county, a typical litigated divorce hearing can easily cost $25,000 or more per party for legal fees alone, including other expenses, and much more if the case goes to a full trial.
  • I will work with you to keep your costs as low as possible while balancing high-quality results. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the necessity of controlling costs.
  • Sliding scale rates for Business/Institutions based on number of employees
  • The skills and techniques you will learn are incredibly powerful and can truly effect positive change in not only your life, but anyone you interact with. These skills can help repair relationships and greatly strengthen existing ones.


  • Neutrality – To truly leverage the power of mediation, a neutral outsider is necessary to bring a fresh eye to the conflict and can help restore trust. No level of training or experience of an in-house trainee can replace the neutrality of a non-affiliated neutral third party who has no stake in the outcome.
  • Possess J.D. from a Top Ten law school with specialization, academic excellence, and court experience in nationally recognized Alternative Dispute Resolution program.
  • Entrusted with coaching and certifying new mediators for the community.
  • Empathy Advantage & Tech Savvy. The vast majority of seasoned mediators are 60+.  While extremely accomplished and highly skilled, many of these practitioners are retired judges/attorneys who (a) typically employ evaluative mediation practices which are not conducive to addressing clients’ emotional needs (b) because of legal training and inherently competitive practice, they sometimes lack crucial cooperation and empathy skills necessary for successful win-win solutions (c) have long since graduated from graduate school, making empathy more challenging, particularly with younger clients and (d) are sometimes unfamiliar and/or unskilled with navigating the technological aspects of a quickly-changing connected world.
  • Legally Trained/Non-Practicing Advantage – Given my legal training and experience (8+ years combined), I understand how and why attorneys think the way they do. Having chosen not to practice law however puts me at a decided advantage that most practicing attorneys cannot claim and struggle with: objectivity with regard to the legal profession. Because of attorneys’ training, professional regulation, and culture, most lack the critical empathy skills necessary for cooperation and creative win-win solutions. Instead, combative behaviors and self-focused winner-takes-all ethos are often rewarded. Without truly understanding how the resolution will effect the other party, such oversight can harm the long-term success of any resolution.
  • Personality Talents – I share several critical mediation traits that the strongest mediators innately possess which include: empathy (rare in legally trained individuals), creativity (rare in legally trained individuals or ADR trained professionals; my B.A. was in a creative field) and likeability (also rare in legally trained individuals!).



  1. Request an application form
  2. Fill out and submit application form along with application fee ($10/party)
  3. Both parties review and sign mastermind service agreement/rules of conduct
  4. Mastermind appointments are set on mutually agreeable dates & fees paid in full prior to session
  5. Attend mastermind session(s)
  6. Take action
  7. Follow up & accountability to the group


  • Fixed: $75/mo./person monthly subscription

Payment in full by credit card via Credit Card or Paypal is required prior to participation. For those seeking even more affordable options, please see the books and courses page. Please note that prices are subject to change.


Please contact Andrea below to request an application.

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