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Developing conflict resolution skills is a lifelong practice. While no article can truly capture the nuances of your particular conflict, these informal survey articles created for a general audience, aim to provide you a general overview of the topic and “guide posts” in helping you to constructively move forward. If you are in danger of imminent harm, call 911. If you are in crisis and need additional help, access the sources listed in the resources page.

Please review the disclaimers page before reading these articles, exercise common sense, and consult with a licensed professional in your jurisdiction if your conflict warrants it. Generally, the methods set forth represent a strategy, not the only strategy, to a more effective and constructive way to resolving your conflicts. I share some of these ideas (and viewpoints) because I have observed them as effective and insightful in my own mediation practice. However, you may not agree with some of the methods or views. Or they may feel uncomfortable. And this is OK.

I encourage you to grow. Some of the greatest rewards in life and learning happen when we stretch beyond our comfort zone. Take what makes sense to you and try applying it. Today. Without action, there is no change.

Conflict resolution specialists are lifelong students of the practice. My views here are based on neutral observation, personal experience, and scientific research. Like many professional neutrals, I check my views at the door. However, all neutrals have a unique voice and style; my hope is that mine is helpful to you. As my own practice develops, I will be updating these articles to reflect my evolving education, observations, insights and experiences.


Access Survey Articles via the right panel and look for the [Basic Conflict Resolution Skills] designation at the head of the article title to distinguish it from Blog articles.



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