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Welcome! The mission of Conflict Resolution Skills Coach.com is to help maximize your profits, control legal costs, reduce risk, build trust, and enhance relationships, both at work and at home, by teaching you basic conflict resolution skills.

The site aims to empower and educate you by sharing this knowledge. I believe that basic conflict resolution skills information should be available to anyone who seeks it. As such, basic conflict resolution skills information will always be FREE on this site.

The concepts and strategies revealed here present innovative and holistic approaches that synthesize alternative dispute resolution (mediation), law, business, science, technology, creativity, wellness and psychology.

By serving a wide range of clients in my mediation practice, I am able to identify patterns, and develop innovative strategies, to more effectively solve conflict across disciplines. This site shares that knowledge and experience with you to help you achieve greater success.

Conflict Resolution Skills Coach.com specializes in, and supports, ethical, sustainable, and innovative businesses, online entrepreneurs, academia, creative professionals, and individuals.


I am a professional mediator: I help people resolve their conflicts in a way that saves time and money, prevents emotional strain, and enhances relationships between parties. I am also an entrepreneur.

I have successfully resolved cases involving up to $3 million, with an approximately 90% agreement/settlement rate and 96% client approval rating on personally handled assigned cases through my work with the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution section, the Center for Civic Mediation (CCM). I have successfully reached agreements in business cases spanning from partnership disputes to commercial and private real property involving up to $785K.

Client examples include: tech/start-up/intellectual property, small and medium businesses, individuals, creative professionals and an executive director of a preeminent legal non-profit.

Combined history of mediation and intake experience include: Complex business, Start-up, Small/Medium Business, Business Partnership Dissolution, Contracts, Consumer/Merchant, Intellectual Property, Employment, Worker’s Compensation, Small Claims, Multi-party matters, Real property, Landlord/tenant, Neighbor/Neighbor, Tort, Fraud, Fee Disputes, Elder and Domestic Violence, LGBT matters, Homeowner’s Associations, Interpersonal/Family.

I have also educated and inspired institutions such as the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to introduce and implement these concepts in their community.

My mediation practice is informed by the following:

  • 8+ years (education and professional experience combined) in Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (certified since 2009 by the nationally recognized mediation training center, Center for Conflict Resolution, Chicago),
  • 11 years experience in commercial real estate and
  • 10+ years experience in the film and high-tech industries combined (150+ projects).

I have delivered outstanding results across all industries ranging from private industry/practice, academia, government, to non-profit. Please see my full Linked In profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/andrea-sierra-martin/75/91/9a3

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I grew up in Santa Barbara, California in the late 1970s and 80s. When it came time for college, I was offered a full scholarship to enter the research Psychology program at UC Santa Barbara, but I ended up pursuing a very different opportunity at UCLA’s School of Film, and I graduated summa cum laude from UCLA in 1999.


For over a decade during and after college, I worked as a commercial property manager and in the creative fields in Los Angeles (on 150+ individual projects). This included founding and operating a successful digital video editing business, working at feature film studio RKO, producing in documentary, editing, filmmaking, writing, and working in the tech sector at a start-up (with clients such as Disney, Fox, Warner Bros., Proctor & Gamble), and at a major interactive entertainment software company THQ (with clients such as Sony and Microsoft).


After nearly a decade in the creative industry, and being inspired to protect my intellectual property through an infringement experience, I was ready to grow and I began exploring law. After receiving a paralegal certificate from UCLA’s Attorney Assistant Training Program, I worked as a paralegal and legal assistant in litigation for nearly three years, enjoying the meaningful impact in clients’ lives. Interested in learning more and helping others on a deeper level, I decided to attend law school.


I chose Northwestern University School of Law, a top tier school, and graduated with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in 2010. While there, I discovered my passion and talent for mediation/negotiation. In addition to my other legal studies, I decided to specialize in Northwestern’s nationally recognized Center on Negotiation and Mediation program. During this time, I became certified as a mediator by the highly regarded Center for Conflict Resolution (Chicago) in 2009.

My first cases were court-ordered mediations for the Cook County Courts in Illinois. During this time, I recognized the much greater value and power that could be delivered to clients through mediation and the many advantages it can offer as an evolved alternative to litigation.


During and after law school, in addition to my mediation work, I pursued legal scholarship opportunities at Northwestern Law and at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Among the projects at Northwestern, I researched and interpreted case law revising the “Reference Guide on Survey Research” chapter in the Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence published by the Federal Judicial Center in conjunction with the Academy of Sciences.

At the Los Angeles D.A.’s office, I was assigned to the Justice System Integrity Division (JSID), which is comprised of highly experienced prosecutors and investigators who detect, investigate, and prosecute criminal misconduct among judges, attorneys and police officers. I conducted research, wrote briefs, and drafted motions on a wide range of criminal law issues, including high-profile homicides and police misconduct trials.

A highlight of my time at JSID was researching, analyzing and interpreting federal law in order to draft confidential memoranda directly for the heads of the largest prosecutorial agency in the U.S., the District Attorney and Sheriff of Los Angeles County, in a high-profile federal investigation. My work product at JSID was highly praised, and it was a special privilege to serve my community.


Because I had derived such great professional fulfillment from mediation, and because I found that I could help more people and do more good in the world with mediation work, I chose to pursue mediation, rather than litigation, as my profession. I also observed, through coaching attorneys learning to become mediators, that focusing on legal practice could impair my innate talent and skill as a mediator.

Through this decision, I have also been able to expand my mediation practice by providing conflict resolution skills coaching, and by service as an educational resource for alternative dispute resolution. This evolving website serves these functions.

Given my combined nearly nine years of legal training and experience, I understand how and why attorneys think the way they do. As I have chosen not to practice law, I have an advantage that most practicing attorneys cannot claim and struggle with: objectivity with regard to the legal profession. This objectivity has been key to delivering much higher client value in mediations: knowledge of the law while leveraging my strengths of empathy and creativity.

Since 2011, I have served as a professional and volunteer mediator for the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s ADR section, the Center for Civic Mediation (CCM). In 2012, I founded and counterbalanced both my mediation practice, Andrea Martin, J.D. Mediation, with a social entrepreneurial endeavor, Good Tech Consulting, which aims to empower underserved adult students with technology services and education.

I actively volunteer in my local community and have helped over 100 individuals, one-on-one, through my work for CCM. On a pro-bono basis, I have helped CCM with certifying mediators for the community and coaching CCM’s Advanced Mediation Training Program. Additionally, CCM has sought my counsel in improving their programs.

I have also volunteered as a mediation coach for the Western Justice Center Foundation Peer Mediation Invitational. This program, co-hosted by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, coaches mediation skills to diverse K-12 students from over 36 Los Angeles County schools.

Raising awareness and advancing the mediation profession is important to me. In 2013, I co-founded the Greater LA Mediation MeetUp, a growing community aimed at helping early career mediators. I have also helped educate and inspire communities and institutions such as the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to introduce and implement these conflict resolution concepts.


This evolving website is an extension of my mediation practice and is intended to help you. I consider the articles mere starting points, for a general audience, in the art of conflict resolution. Take what makes sense to you and try applying it today. Without action, there is no change.

This website, its written content, photos (with few exceptions), and videos were created by me with basic tools. If you are a mediator or other professional and need assistance with crafting a similarly minimalist style site, feel free to contact me as I enjoy wearing my technology consulting (and filmmaking) hat from time to time. If you would like to use any of the copyrighted material on this site, please contact me.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my experiences and how you could benefit from them. Developing conflict resolution skills is a challenging and life-long practice. However, my hope is that the information on this site can help you more easily and quickly experience success and happiness at business, work, and home, by better understanding and constructively resolving your conflicts.


Andrea Sierra Martin

October, 2013

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