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Are you having conflict at work or home with a business partner, customer, boss, employee/independent contractor, co-worker, landlord, tenant, neighbor, friend, significant other, or family member?

Experience greater connection, financial opportunity, peace, trust, respect and happiness by learning how to develop basic Conflict Resolution Skills.

Actionable, concise, and innovative strategies that synthesize alternative dispute resolution (mediation), law, business, science, technology, creativity, wellness and psychology.


My 1-Month No TV Experiment


Stress is a major conflict trigger. To this end, I wanted to conduct an experiment to find out if not watching the moving image (TV/Movies) for a month would improve life or elevate happiness. The anecdotal results were powerful and surprising. [click to continue…]

The Connection Between Conflict & Wellness

Conflict and Wellness

There is a powerful, intimate, and often overlooked connection between conflict and wellness. This brief introductory article explores how conflict can negatively impact wellness, why this happens, and how you can implement solutions to help better manage the conflict in your life right now. [click to continue…]

The Differences Between Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation v. ArbitrationYou may have an “Alternative Dispute Resolution” clause in your business partnership or operating agreement. This may require that you participate in arbitration if you find yourself in conflict with your company or business partner. Unfortunately, many intelligent, educated people confuse “arbitration” and “mediation”, but the difference between these two types of alternative dispute resolution is stark. This brief overview, which imparts legal information, not legal advice, will describe the two types of alternative dispute resolution and present brief pros and cons for each.

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